Telepak Networks, Inc. is a full service provider of Internet, Telecommunications and Network services. Telepak Networks, via fiber optic and other broadband facilities, specializes in offering cost-efficient bandwidth necessary for data networking and telecommunication services to other carriers, ISPs, universities, governmental agencies, hospitals and businesses. Telepak Networks also provides Internet services, such as dedicated access, dialup and email, as well as local and long distance service on a single bill for both residential and business customers.

Telepak Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telapex, Inc., a Jackson, Mississippi based telecommunications company. Telapex’s affiliate companies have a long history of providing telecommunication services throughout Mississippi, two of which have provided superior residential telephone service for over forty years.

Telepak Networks maintains over 4,000 miles of fiber optic cable throughout Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida (states in which it is certified as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier), which includes eleven OC48 SONET rings.

Through the original service offerings (now operated by Telepak Networks) of affiliates:

2013 – Announces transformative Fiber to the Home service at speeds of 1 Gbps to build our region into a powerful magnet for technology investment and economic growth.

2011 – Mega POP Phase 2 completed.

2009 – Telepak Networks began Fiber-to-the-Cell Site initiative.

2007 – Telepak Networks completed Mega POP Phase 1

2005 – Telepak Networks turned up Mississippi’s first Fiber-to-the-Home community in Roxie, MS.

1999 – Telepak Networks began providing fiber optic interexchange service.

1997 – Telepak Networks began to offer local telephone and long distance service on a single bill.

1996 – Telepak Networks began providing Internet related services, including dial-up access, Web development and hosting.