Non-exclusive cable, internet, phone franchise given to Telepak

Crystal Springs, MS – Crystal Springs officials unanimously granted a nonexclusive cable, internet and telephone franchise to Telepak at their meeting Sept. 6.

The proposal is based upon installation of an in-ground fiber optic cable in the city to handle all three offerings. The nonexclusive contract means that the new service will be offered in competition with the present service provided by Bailey Cable.

The contract calls for the city to receive five percent of gross revenues from the cable and two percent from gross revenues from the other two services.

Plans are to have the new system up and running in 12 months. The city also agreed to proceed with necessary legal arrangements to sell surplus city property near the abandoned municipal jail for Telepak’s plant.

Telepak is a privately held Mississippi Corporation which began service in 1959. It now has 1100 employees. Affiliates of the firm are Cellular South, Franklin Telephone, Branch Cable and Delta Telephone Company.

Quotations of costs for the various parts of the service indicate that they will compare with present offerings but a combination of all three serives was said by the company representative, Steve Meadows, to represent a saving over present cost.

About Telepak Networks
Telepak Networks, Inc. is a network service provider of broadband products and services via a fiber optic network. Telepak Networks specializes in offering cost efficient bandwidth necessary for Internet solutions, data networking and telecommunication services to other carriers, ISPs, universities, governmental agencies, hospitals and businesses. For more information about Telepak Networks call 800-342-3716.