Telepak Networks Map

Telepak Networks, via fiber optic and other broadband facilities, specializes in offering cost efficient bandwidth necessary for data networking and telecommunications services to other carriers (wireless, IXC, CLEC, ILEC, CATV), ISPs, universities, governmental agencies, hospitals, and businesses. Telepak Networks’ wide array of commercial broadband services include  DS1, DS3, OC level services and SONET.


Today, Telepak Networks maintains over 1,780 miles of fiber optic cable throughout Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida (states in which it is certified as a CLEC).

For sales and pricing information, please contact us at 800-342-3716.

Commercial Broadband Services Network Map

For a description of the POP locations of Telepak Networks’ fiber network, click the link to Network Map.

Commercial Broadband Technical Support and Escalation List

To report a trouble on broadband service, such as DS1, DS3, OC-X or SONET application, please call, TOLL FREE, 1-800-342-3716. For more information on Commercial Broadband Technical Support, click Escalation List.

Payment Remittance for Telepak Networks Commercial Broadband Services:

Telepak Networks, Inc.
P.O. Box 23727
Jackson MS 39225

Contact #: 800-342-3716