General Internet FAQs

  1. What is is your local gateway to all the Internet has to offer. Dedicated to serving the needs of on-the-go Mississippi families, is an easy to use dial-up Internet service that gets you on-line immediately! Check the weather, plan a vacation, get help with homework, or get the latest news, sports, and financial updates, all with the click of a button.

  2. Where is service available? is accessible through local access numbers in cities throughout Mississippi, and we’re adding numbers all the time! View our list of local access numbers available today.

  3. How much does service cost?
    You’ll find priced competitively with other local Internet service providers offering a similar variety of features. Review our Residential Services and follow the links for rates on specific service options, or call Customer Care for more information.

  4. Does provide commercial services?
    Commercial service such as Web page hosting and dedicated connections may be available depending on location. To determine availability, call Customer Care for more information.

  5. How am I billed?
    Telepak is proud to offer our customers options. Customers may choose to receive their monthly statement by mail or electronic Billing is available for customers who prefer to receive their invoices by email. Customers may choose to pay via credit card, check-by-phone, bank draft, credit card draft or mail to our offices.

  6. Do you offer technical support?
    Yes! Technical Support is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your installation, software or hardware. Live technical support specialists are on -hand to help you Monday through Friday 8:00a.m. – 6:00p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.Call Tech Support toll-free at 1.888.806.HELP (4357) or fill out our support form online.

  7. How do I sign up?
    Register by phone by calling Customer Care toll-free at 1.877.TELEPAK (1.877.835.3725).

  8. What is my username?
    Many times in our documentation you’ll see the term:

    username or user name 

    When you signed up, you chose a name for your account. We’ll refer to that name throughout this site as either username or user name. Whenever you see that term, replace it with the name you’ve chosen. It’s always in lower case. 

    If you’ve forgotten your username:
    The easiest way to remember your username is that it is first part of your email address. Example – is the email address. “Name” would be your username. If you still can’t remember the username you chose, call Customer Care at 1-877-835-3725 and ask for assistance. 

    Changing your username:
    After you change your username, mail sent to the old username may bounce (become undeliverable) or, if in the future someone else picks your old user name, will go to that person’s mailbox. Usernames must meet the following criteria: 

    • Must be between 4 to 24 letters or numbers long.
    • All lowercase
    • Special characters like #,%,or ^ are not allowed.

    Think carefully about changing your username. Changing it is like changing your phone number–you may lose contact with some people who won’t be able to get your new email address. If you decide you want to, call Customer Care 1.877.TELEPAK (835-3725). 

  9. What is quota?
    Your quota is how much disk space you are allowed to use on’s servers.

    Web Storage Account:
    Personal accounts are allotted 2 GB of space for personal use. Commercial accounts with a domain are allotted 2 GB web storage. Additional space can be purchased for $0.50 per month per 5 MB block. 

    Email Account:
    Each email account is allotted 500 MB of storage. Additional storage can be purchased for $.99 per MB per month.

  10. Does Telepak Time Me Out?
    It’s fairly common for subscribers to accidentally leave their computers connected to the Internet long after they have finished with their online activities. Each connected user ties up a line, which is unavailable to other customers while it is in use.To prevent annoying busy signals for the rest of our customers, and unnecessary over-usage bills for those who forget to disconnect, the Telepak system is configured to watch our modems’ idle time. If the servers see no modem activity (i.e. no data transfer) for 20 minutes, the connection will be reset. You’ll be automatically disconnected. If you’re checking your email, or downloading a Web page, you won’t get disconnected. Because the modems are transferring data, the system views your connection as active.

  11.’s Dial-up Modem Numbers.
    Click the link to view modem listing.